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ISU action-shop: Next stop Malmö Rosengård station

31 augusti, 2017 kl. 17:002 september, 2017 kl. 19:00

Foto: Clara Norell

This ISU action-shop is a testbed focusing on methods to engage citizens in planning for sustainable cities. Earlier this year ISU and our collaboration partners at the True Story Studio held a seminar about active listening and engagement in the physical space and how creative methods can lead to change.  Now the time has come to actually try the methods out. 

With the question ”what would your dream station for public transportation be like” we hope to engage and capture ideas from the visitors and citizens of Malmö.

Together with our facilitators we hope that people at our action-shop will share their thoughts on interaction in the public physical urban space. With Rosengård Station as a case-study, we hope to explore whether a trainstation merely is perceived as a waiting place or if it can be something more? What could add value to such a public space to make it meaningful to people. We invite both researchers from the University and officers from the city to take part of the action-shop as part of a learning-process offered by ISU. We also invite all visitors and citizens to come join us and share ideas!



  • August 31st: 5 – 7 pm
  • September 2nd: 1 – 7 pm (participate parts of or throughout the day)



”Next stop Rosengård Station” will take place at the Opportunity Space Festival  in Enskifteshagen Park. The festival theme is: The Inclusive City: to explore how design can help create more socially and economically inclusive cities.  



The event is free of charge, we will speak both english and swedish. Everyone is welcome to participate. Come as you are. Contribute as you like.

Please register here



Danielle Erlich, Managing director at True Story Studio. True Story Studio is an experiential service design agency that brings ideas, brands, and businesses to life through multi-sensory experiences.

Case study: Malmö Rosengård station

Malmö Rosengård station officially opens in December 2018 as part of the upcoming Kontinentalbanan. Please note, the ISU action-shop is a compliment to other on-going processes around Rosengård station by Malmö City. ISU does not hold any mandate on regards to the future shape of Rosengård station. We hope to inspire and all results will be shared with Amiralsstaden and BID Sofielund.

Design-team and process

The collaboration between ISU – Institute of Sustainable Urban development, True Story Studio, Altitude Meetings and inUse is an ongoing process where we look into the ability of engagement to create change in the physical space. The first seed planted at ISU Breakfast seminar April 19th, gave us insights to bring forward to: Future City Testbeds – Malmö stads workshop – at the Bridge August 22, which will focus on methods for how to design culture and services together with citizens. The testbed at the Opportunity Space Festival is a follow-up on previous work. Our shared work during the year of 2017 will be wrapped up at ISU Knowledge Seminar, December 1st.



Swedish version: read here

Amiralsstaden is an urban development process where physical planning meet social challenges. The investment is territorial and based on the geographical area Amiralsgatan/Kontinentalbanan, where Rosengård station is planned. The work aims at innovation in several areas that require new approaches and practices. The overall aim is to increase the environmental, social and economic sustainability through physical upgrading, new housing and new activities, with broad participation and co-creation. Amiralsstaden will be a stationary neighborhood that offers good living environments for both children and adults.


Articles about Rosengård station:

Klartecken för tåg mellan östra och centrala Malmö 

Station Rosengård och Malmöringen

Rosengård får tågstation 2018

ISU in English


BID Sofielund

BID Sofielund is an initiative of property owners in the area who together with Fastighetsägarna Syd has developed a concrete action plan to lift the heavily charged district. Through concrete efforts, Sofielund will be a safer and more beautiful neighborhood. Security certification, cooperation with the police, rehabilitation and zero tolerance against waste are just a few points in the long list of efforts.

Read more about BID Sofielund here







31 augusti, 2017 kl. 17:00
2 september, 2017 kl. 19:00
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